Thursday, May 03, 2007

Blogging Fever

I find myself checking blogs so often every day that I find I need to find a 12 Step Program to help me stop. So here it is, in case anyone out there needs it too:

1. Go potty at least twice in the morning before checking blogs.
2. GET DRESSED before blogging and not just a robe.
3. Eat a decent breakfast, not Jello with Cool Whip and string cheese. And clean the kitchen.
4. DO my hair for the day. Curl it!
5. Write checks out for bills to be mailed that day, that were due yesterday!
6. Send thank you notes for gifts I have already eaten, used up, or re-gifted.
7. Clean off computer desk before I check even the weather bug.
8. Make phone calls for appointments before it is too late in the day to get one.
9. Get outside for a stroll , or in my case, a "Scooter" ride, before the winds come up. Maybe even get up to see the sun rise! I would have more day for blogging!
10. Plan something for dinner besides GO OUT!
11. Read my scriptures in the morning. I had a hard time writing this one down.
12. Oh, who needs 12 steps. I need to check those BLOGS before I do all of these things!

Happy Blogging Everyone!


Jill said...

Ruth, you're so cute. I totally agree with the need for a 12 step program and find myself wandering over to the computer first thing in the morning all the while telling myself "don't do it, it's the kiss of death" and yet I always do. Then Whitney is late for school and I'm not as far along in my day as I should be.

Anonymous said...

I hear you! I was getting that way too. It is completely addicting. I need your 12 step for sure.