Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Kristi!!

Today is the 37th birthday of Kristi Brooke Cutler. This is what I remember about
her growing up:

1.Kristi was born on January 8th 1971 in the Bozeman Deaconess Hospital in Bozeman Montana.She weighed in at 8 lbs. 13 oz. and was born early in the morning. The doctor who delivered her, Dr. Sipple, was dressed in ski clothes because he was taking his family skiing that day.

2. We brought her home about 8:00 PM a few days later. Dad pulled our little blue Volkswagen square back as close as he could to the hospital's back door so Kristi wouldn't freeze to death while we drove home. We had her so bundled up that the nurses were laughing at us when we left. The plants died when they hit the minus 30 degree temperatures.

3. Kristi survived the drive being held in mom's arms and NO seat belts.

4. Heather met Kristi for the first time, having been unprepared for what was
coming. Heather had spent 3 days with perfect strangers, and also ate her first hard boiled egg, not knowing what to do with it. Now that was trama!

5. As a toddler, Kristi had quite an imagination, and loved to tell stories true or not. She entertained us with her act entitled "Anastasia Movie Star". Anastasia could appear at anytime usually having Heather selling tickets to her shows. We were thoroughly enthralled watching and listening to her. Why would we get a babysitter for the movies and spend the money, when we could stay home for free and see such a show?

6. As the girls got older, we found them both very creative as they put on shows with other friends who spent the night, and of course their little brothers. My favorite was the Christmas play about the "True Meaning of Christmas" which we used this year as a skit in our ward Christmas program, and the theme of the night. Thanks girls!

7. When Kristi went to preschool at NMSU, she found her first idol in Miss Parades.
It was hard for her to be away from home, but she found her first creative example

8. In kindergarten, Kristi was the teacher's favorite, and was the star angel in the Christmas play. She learned a couple of pages of lines, and knew them perfectly. She had a beautiful costume, and it was a very big deal. Bigger, maybe than Kristi was prepared for. The lights were low, and there were many parents and other students watching. She experienced her 1st real bought of stage fright. After a little cajoling from her mom and teacher, she went on, and spoke all her parts very softly, however they were perfect. She found emotions that partly defines her today. As Martha Stewart would say, "That's a Good Thing!"
Can you imaging doing a play about Christ in the school systems today? And that was in Las Cruces, New Mexico, not Utah.

9. By the first grade, Kristi did her first group project raising money for a gift for her teacher's birthday. She collected 50 cents from each student, then gave it to mom to help her shop for a gift. I'm not sure what was purchased, however Kristi arranged with the principal (on her own, mom had nothing to do with it) to get the teacher out of the room so she could get ready for the susprise party!

10. And the rest is history until age 37. Kristi is a giver and supporter for good in this world. She does her best with what God gave her, and supports and expects the best in those around her, and always will until that Perfect Day when the Lord shall come, and say GOOD JOB.

This day brings back great memories of this day for me too. I love you and am proud of all you to. Have a great day! MOM


Encore Dance said...

That is so sweet! I love hearing about the cousins! I'm sad we missed the Christmas party, bad weather.

Sarah said...

I think Kristi became an idol for everyone.