Monday, August 21, 2006


This was almost 3 years ago, but I didn't even know that we had pictures of this night. I guess Spencer was busier than I thought. These are a few of the couples who stayed late. The Kelleys are in front with Bruce and I. From left to right: the Laceys, Webbs, Youngs, Kari, Tim Ramsey, the Tanners and the Eddys. There were about 75 people sho came and went that night. Some were fishing buddies that Bruce knows only on the San Juan River.


Bevan said...


You are blogging again!

Bevan said...
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Emeline Anne said...

Hi! Rachel just gave me the link to Spencer and Kari's blog to see pictures from the Bar-D and I have loved catching up with your family on it! You look like you have a lot of fun together!
Liz (Rhien)

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe he's been 60 for almost 3 years now! That's a great picture!