Monday, October 16, 2006

Shakespeare Festival

This is the 4th year in the row that Bruce and I have attended the fall season of the Shakespearean Festival in Cedar City. The weather has not failed us yet. Is has always been cool and crisp, only needing a jacket. The plays are all indoors in the same theatre. We go in the fall to avoid the crowds.

This was our favorite season so far. We saw "The Merchant of Venice" which was a wonderful production. Then we saw"Peg of My Heart" which was so funny and lively. The last one was "Johnny Guitar", and it was such a hoot. It is a spoof of an old movie called Johnny Guitar from the 40's or 50's with Joan Crawford. If you ever have a chance to see it on an old movie channel, think of it as a musical comedy. Bruce has the movie memorized, and said he can hardly wait to see it again after seeing the play. We think the actors at this festival are so good. We would recommend it to anyone.

We happened to be there when Utah schools were out for two days, so there were alot of families at the plays too. That's a great idea for a fun family trip in the future.

We also went to Cats at at the outdoor Tuachan theatre in St. George on Friday night. The clouds threatened rain the whole time, but waited until we were going to our car to let loose. And did it ever. I've never seen that kind of rain there.

The next day we spent time with Herb and Sharon Cutler in St. George. They are our son-in-law Jeff's parents. They moved there about 3 years ago and have a lovely home with a "magic fountain". We had a great visit. In fact we will meet up with them again soon in Maryland the first of December at Annie Kates baptism.

Sorry no pictures. Writing is as much as I can seem to do.


Kristi Brooke said...

hey don't worry about photos! we love the writing and we all know what everyone looks like.
what a fun trip.

mimi said...

Thanks Kristi. I'll try to keep writing.

Bevan said...

Methinks that trip sounds great.

Jill said...

It definitely sounds like a good trip, and it's excellent that you're posting again.