Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine Update!

The day isn't over yet, and it's proving to be quite a nice one. My friend Katuana called about 10:00 AM to see if she could come over. I said sure, but give me an hour to get dressed and cleaned up. Then my good friend Gail called to see if she could bring me lunch around 12:00 from one of our favorite sandwich shoppes. I thought about it for a minute and said sure, why not? So then, Bruce called as he was driving home from the storehouse to change his clothes. I asked him if he minded if Gail brought me lunch today, since I thought the Valentine celebration was over.
He said he had made reservations for 11:30 for lunch, and it was a surprise. So I canceled with Gail for lunch, and called Katauna and we decided she would come over this afternoon.

Dad got home by 11:10 and showered and even put on a sports jacket. I asked him if I was dressed okay since I haven't been in anything besides sweats since my surgery last week. He was getting very nervous about the time so I felt like it was somewhere he wanted to go, because he said it gets real busy and they won't wait. We drove toward East Main, and he turned into the Safeway shopping center which has an IHOP and a Papa Murphy's. Then he turned toward The Bluffs. Well, The Bluffs is where a lot of our friends like to eat sushi and we had only eaten there twice. It is expensive. So I was really surprised he took me there, even if it was Valentine's Day.

Just as we got in the door, there were 4 of our friends, the Laceys and the Lucas. (don't know how to make Lucas plural). All of us women were so surprised. None of us knew that the others would be there, and none of us had been informed of this date sooner than 10:30 am. My friend Katauna was one of the wifes, and she had been planning to come to my house all morning. Then in walked a young man, and he serenaded each of us. And his companion gave each of us a rose and a small box of chocolates.

Then they brought us pot stickers, and another appetizer. We had a very nice time and then went home loving our very kind and generous husbands.

It was a kind of unusual combination of friends. One couple is in their mid 30's, one in their late 40's and Bruce and I are in our 60's. The idea for all of this came from the very busy young doctor who is about 37. I think this younger generation rule. The women are training their men right. But I know Dad could have done it too, but we haven't really ever celebrated Valentine's Day that much over the years.

I hope my sons and son-in-laws are treating their wifes like queens today. And you girls accept what ever attempt is made with graciousness. Again, the day isn't over yet. Yeah, and don't forget that the box of chocolates you buy today will be half price tomorrow.


Heather Pack said...

What a fun treat! How cool of the men to totally coordinate something like that. Bradford and his buddy got us wives tickets for Les Mis, but we have to wait until May to go. I love it when the guy does the planning! And I agree, no matter the attempt women should be thankful they even tried! Even the guy I saw at Family Dollar today frantically looking to buy what could quite possibly be the cheapest perfume ever, at least he's trying! Have a great Valentine's day.

Elisa said...

Very nice Valentines day! Way to go Uncle Bruce.

Elisa said...

Oh yeah, and I am all about 1/2 priced candy.

Bevan said...

we have a bunch of krispy kreme coupons for free doughnuts. I don't know if we will ever get rid

Lisa said...

what a great surprise.. and what a good hubby you have!
love lisa said...

Sounds like a great Valentine's Day! It's so great to be surprised in a good way once in a while.

Mrs. B, I don't know if you remember me or not, but I was neighbor's with Kristi, Jeff and AK when they first moved to Nashville. We met a few times when you would come to visit. I'm happy to see you have a blog.

Jill said...

What a fun, surprise outing. I think you're right about the younger generation of women being able to train their men to treat them right. My mom is always commenting about that to me because she's frustrated with my dad so much of the time. Hopefully that means that by the time my kids grow up they'll really have it all figured out. Anyway, I'm glad you had a fun lunch out for your Valentine's Day!

A. Buchanan said...

dang that is way cool... I think the best is how there were so many couples there, that is way cool.