Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Blessing

Last night I went to a great Relief Society Enrichment night. Cindy Webb taught us how to breakdown our Patriarchal Blessings to really understand what they mean individually to each of us.
Patriarchal Blessings speak to our:

Life's experiences
They are prophetic utterances all in the interest of assuring us of God's love and his willingness to help us face the challenges and trials of our lives.

Three main things to look for in your Patriarchal Blessing:

1. Information: about you: this helps you understand your identity. Virtues you may acquire, service you may render, pathways you may traverse, gifts you may receive if you are willing to develop them.
2. Blessings: that are promised if you stay faithful, which help us recognize God's hand in our lives.

1. Counsel or warnings, and instruction: that we should heed, assuring us of His ready and constant availability in our lives.

Make a copy of your blessing and mark each phrase that is either information, a blessing or counsel with a different color pencil. You will find that some of them overlap and can be information and a blessing, or a blessing and counsel. So mark that phrase with one color and underline it with another so you can identify it.
Then write out each phrase in a list of information, blessings and counsels separately. With this breakdown, you can see where you are and how you are doing with the goals you and the Lord have set for you.
This isn't a short assignment, and may change over the years as what you may understand your blessing.
Try it, and see if it brings your Patriarchal Blessing to life.


Spencer the Bomb Diggity said...

Whoa what a change Mom, I love it. This is very informative.

climbingrocks said...

nice post...hey so this is going to sound horrible, but if you see my pat. blessing running around (cuz they can do that) can you send it my way. I doubt its at the house but just in case you see it. I just can't find it.

Jill said...

Your new blog template looks great by the way.

I'm excited about this info because I just got my blessing 4 years ago and still haven't really deciphered it. Thanks for posting your notes.

Traci said...

Thanks for sharing this info along. I am going to look more into my blessing as well. Btw, I am Adam and Lisa's sis-in-law.

Traci said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I too love to lurk!!! Thanks for the prayers while the guys are gone, I too will be doing the same. Glad my husband is going with someone who has gone before.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to get the most out of your bessing. Thanks for the reminder!

crystal said...

Hi there; found you off Kristi's blog. I just read her marathon training journal from start to finish...every word. WOW.

My 4-yr old daughter is named Mimi. Cool!