Sunday, October 28, 2007

Gratitude Journal

I haven't written very often, and as a blogger, I'm not a very good one, so I think I will try to just keep a Gratitude Journal, as often as I can. I know that days are always brighter, and challenges easier after counting the many blessings that we have.

Sundays are a good place to start for me. I love Sundays. When I was small, It was a couple of hours of church in the morning and the same in the evening, with a wonderful roast and mashed potato dinner in between. My Mother was an excellent cook, and we always had a great Sunday dinner. My Dad movies of us usually on a Sunday when we were all dressed up, so I remember him telling me to twirl and twirl for some good action, since there was no sound.

When we was raising 6 children, it was very hectic and tiring, but I loved sitting on one of the front pews at church with them all in tow. Looking back, I don't even remember them acting up, and being taken out to the foyer. I know they did, but the Lord has blessed me with only fond memories of those days. I loved having the babies named and blessed with family around, and their father standing in the circle giving that blessing.

It is here that I have to say, even though Bruce wasn't a member yet when Heather and Kristi were born, a very wise bishop made sure that Bruce was in the circle holding each of his daughters, even though they were blessed by other special men. These were tender mercies.

As our last son, Adam, went on his mission and left Bruce and I alone, I felt a little lonely, especially since Bruce was usually attending another ward while he was in the stake presidency.
It was hard not being needed by our children.

But now we attend together each Sunday and sit next to each other during sacrament and Sunday school. I love talking to Bruce after church about our lessons in Relief Society and Priesthood. Having the same lessons each week is also a blessing. We usually fix a humble dinner together, and spend the evenings rather quietly. Sometimes we have company, or home teachers, but often just talk to married children and talk about the coming week.

Well, I was going to write much more about my blessings, but I think I have written enough for one day. I think I must add that I an so grateful for my sweet husband, and all of our children, their spouses and our grandchildren. We pray for them everyday, and love them very much. Good Night.


Kari Lynne said...

Hi Mom, Thanks for sharing your Sunday thoughts. It was a good way to start off my day today thinking about all the things that I am grateful for. I hope you have a great day!

Jill said...

A gratitude journal is a great use for a blog, especially if it means more frequent posting.

I already can't remember when my kids were crazy at church. Now the 4 of us sit there quietly, while I take notes, Landon and Randy listen and Whitney colors but looks up in response to things the speakers say (she actually listens!).

I can't imagine getting to the point where it's just Randy and I at home.

Sarah said...

Thoughtful blog, I appreciate it. I need to write in my gratitude journal, I've had it for about 2 years now.