Wednesday, February 27, 2008

His Star Birthday!

Spencer W. Buchanan was born 27 years ago today on February 27th, 1981! Thus it is his star birthday. I know he has a very busy day today working for and 6 hours of class until 9:00 tonight, so here's wishing him at least a moment to celebrate with Kari and Savannah. I know he plans on skiing on Thursday with his 2 girls to celebrate too. Have fun Big Guy.

I remember the night Spencer was born, very well. It was about 6:00 PM and I had made spaghetti for dinner, and was waiting for our neighbor to leave so we could eat. I had a terrible back ache and just wanted to get it over with so I could clean up and sit down! Our neighbor, Mr. Berg was telling us how good our big bright yellow flowered sofa was because it was a Sherrill. He was a salesman for Ikards furniture, and he would know right? And as a side note, I had a hard time getting rid of that couch, even though after 20 years it had red pencil marks all over the cushions and wasn't comfortable anymore, just because of Mr. Berg's comment.

Anyway, we finally had dinner and I was sitting in the recliner holding Bevan and reading him stories and trying to get rid of my horrific backache. It just wasn't getting better! Argh!
After quite awhile I realized that I might just be in labor and it was byetheway, February 26th, his due day, so it was just possible I could be having a baby. I had never had back labor before and didn't know what it felt like or what to expect. So Dad and I got ready and hit the road to the Memorial General Hospital in Las Cruces, New Mexico once again.

I think we got there about 9:00 and Spencer was born just after midnight on the 27th. I couldn't believe it, I actually had a baby on his due date, almost!!! For some reason, we already had his name picked out and I don't remember if we had a girl's name ready or not. Spencer W. Kimball was the prophet then and we all loved him. Bruce and I thought we liked the name of Spencer and hadn't it heard it much yet!! And we added Wahl, which was Nona's maiden name to keep the W. He was the biggest baby I had and weighed in at 10 pounds and 4 oz. He was so cute of course, but the noisiest baby in the nursery. Being that big, he was hungry right from the get go.

Spencer's Dad and siblings loved him so, and I don't remember anyone being disappointed that there was another boy in the house. Spencer didn't sleep much, though and it was hard to leave for any length of time while I did any errands or anything else for that matter. I was in the Relief Society presidency at the time, and had to leave Spencer in other women's hands while I conducted or gave a lesson. Marilyn Haycock said when she first met Spencer that he reminded her of her son Doug, and that she would watch him for me. Then she would leave the room and walk around the church with him for the whole hour. She was exhaused! He never stopped moving unless the one holding him was moving.

The Animas Valley Mall was new in the summer of 1981, and I was so grateful. Since it was so very hot most of the summer in Las Cruces, it wasn't pleasant to use a stroller during the day or even evenings, for that matter. When the mall opened I was first in line with my stroller full of Spencer and my others in tow. Window shopping became a wonderful pastime for me and a rewarding way to keep Spencer happy. I loved that mall.

Spencer, from the start always seem to want to stand. He never cuddled as a baby, and by 8 & 1/2 months started to walk. He had just given up nursing and didn't even want a bottle. Just give me OJ in a cup Momma, I think he must have said. So there he was all independent and not needing me so much. That is unless I left the house. As the years went by, he became very tender and always had to kiss Bruce and I when we left the house for anything!

He seem to always want to accompany me to the grocery store, and I obliged, leaving the others home with the girls in charge. He was also the one who wanted to be right next to his Dad when he was on the roof of the house making any repairs. It's no wonder, that Spencer knew the names of all Dad's tools before his older brother's did. Once a neighbor came to borrow an awl for making holes in leather, and Dad wasn't home. So Ryan, who answered the door said, I'll get Spencer he'll know what and where it is. And he did.

Spencer has a very big heart, and is good to all of his family and a great friend for life. He forgives and forgets, and never gives up on his dreams or on people.

He never gave up when he wanted to be a ski instructor at Park City even though he was only 18 and the odds were against him. He has always loved skiing and has made it an art His Dad says he is a beautiful skier and he loves to watch him come down a mountain. He is a very patient teacher on the slopes. His 2 year old Savannah can testify to that, as well as Kari.

He is also the family computer guru. He does magic helping me and his siblings from afar with computer snafus. How does he do it? I'll never know. I wouldn't be blogging if he hadn't set me up. He gives me so much confidence in what I am able to do.

Spencer can crochet and is very fast. He learned that skill from a nearly blind woman while on his mission in Orlando. He even tried to teach me, and was very patient, though I couldn't seem to do it unless he was by my side. He crocheted me a pair of booties to wear over my big bledsoe boot and surgical shoe. They are really pretty.

So now in the Spring of 2008, Spencer is working to support his family and going to school to get his degree as a photographer at the University of Utah. He already does awesome photos, and knows more than anyone I know about cameras. He listens to podcasts about camera parts while he is driving long distances. How exciting is that?

He is married to a terrific girl, Kari, and they are very supportive to one another.

So Happy B-Day Spencer W. We love you very much!


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