Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October Suprise!

The weather here is perfect, the flowers are still blooming and the air is still. I can't believe it is October already--I see no real signs of it yet, however I haven't been to the mountains lately, so I have no idea what is really going on there.

Bruce and I just spent 4 days in St. George and Cedar City, Utah on our yearly trek to the Shakespeare festival and the Tuachan theater. We saw the best production of Les Miserables ever--a perfect night in the outdoor amphitheater among the red rocks. We have seen the play 3 times now and this was my ever favorite production. We saw Julius Ceasar, set in modern days where the men wore Armani suits. It was about what happened just before the fall of the Roman Empire and it felt a lot like what our government is going through right now. Power is a scarry thing!

We saw Gaslight, an old play that was also an old movie made in the 30's or 40's. It was good, however it was 3 hours long. Moonlight and Magnolias was my favorite of the 3 and was just hillarious. It is about the writing of the script for the movie Gone With the Wind. The year is 1939, but the humor is about 2005 the year it was written. You really must have seen the movie before seeing the play or you won't understand it all. One of the festival directors gave a synopsis of the play out on the theater grounds just before the play, and there were only a few people who hadn't seen the movie or read the book. They were all under 25. Reading the book, or at least seeing the movie should be on anyone's "bucket list". The plays are part of the fall season that will run thru the end of October, so anyone who has the time, it is well worth the drive. You will be surprised how much Cedar City has grown. There are even choices of resturants, even a Costa Vida. Yum!

A few weeks ago, I sprained my ankle and have been using the wheelchair more, so it will heal. Bruce helped me get around all weekend, and the chair broke on Thursday night. We went to the DI and found an ancient, ugly but usable transfer chair for $25.00 to use the next day. My ingenious husband then went to Walmart and bought Duck Tape, not duct tape, but Duck Tape. After an hour of trials, he was able to tape some pieces together which miracluously held the wheelchair together and after a 3 days it is still holding. And we all know that is saying a lot!! We donated the transfer back to the DI the next day. Bruce even wrote a letter to the Duck Tape company to enter a contest that was advertised on the wrapper. After looking it up on the web, he found out the contest was over in December 2007! He sent it in anyway, he was so proud. Me too.

Well, that is our weekend. And my favorite meal was at a little cafe called the Anasazi Inn outside of Kayenta AZ. I had a bowl of corn chowder with Navajo fry bread. We stopped there going each way. Don't miss it when you are going to Lake Powell from the East. It is worth the stop. I bet even Rachel Ray would love it.

"All's well that ends well"


Bevan said...

That Ceasar play with Armani suits sounds really cool. Did Ceasar still get stabbed by all the Senators and Congresspeople? Did they use the same dialougue? Like Ides of March? Many PTC's should be scared of the Ides of March because if they are 12/31, they will get delisted if the Audit report isn't issued. So yeah, beware.

I hope the foot gets better.

Spencer the Bomb Diggity said...

Happy Thanksgiving!